Starting as a two-man operation in 1974 in the basement garage of owner Mike O’Malley’s home, Mike and co-owner Bob Sabin brought a combined 18 years of experience in printing, die-cutting, laminating, sales and service to their fledgling laminating business. Since then, Lamcraft, Inc. has grown to become an innovative leader within the industry. Over the years, many products developed by Lamcraft have been firsts in the market and have set quality standards — many customers report getting 25+ years of reliable service from their Lamcraft laminators. The company has always been cognizant of the customers’ business needs and has responded by continually updating its product lines.


Lamcraft employees take pride in the high quality of the lamination products, competitive pricing, and the quick turnaround time to produce custom items. Lamcraft’s service policy is simple: provide the same kind of service to your customers that you expect from the companies who serve you.


The company looks at the past 46 years with pride and looks forward to new challenges that lie ahead. Lamcraft is ready to meet the changing needs of the funeral industry today and in the future. Customers can rely on the company’s continued commitment to them and the standards of high quality and professional customer service. Please call us toll free at 1.800.821.1333 and we would be happy to answer any questions or discuss your company’s needs.