Ordering Online

I would like to use your online ordering, how do I place an order?

Ordering online is quick and easy:

  1. Locate the item(s) you need then click on the "add to cart" button. Your shopping cart will then be immediately displayed.
  2. From your shopping cart you may either continue shopping or complete your order and proceed to checkout.
  3. When you are finished ordering, you will be guided through each step of a simple and convenient check-out procedure. You may choose to check-out as a guest, but if you elect to create a user name and password and create an account, you will be able to access your order history and your shipping information is already stored.
  4. Finally, once your order is completed you will receive an e-mail confirming your order. If this confirmation does not appear to have the correct information, please call us at 1.800.821.1333.
  5. Most products will be sent out in 7-10 days. Custom imprinting, die-cuts or other special order items may take longer. Contact your sales representation for details.
Do you offer secure online ordering?

Yes. Lamcraft does not store your credit card information and our website works in tandem with a reputable credit card processing firm. Simply click on "Proceed to Checkout" when you are ready to place your order and you will be guided through our secure checkout process. This insures that all information sent to us is encrypted for your privacy.

Will I receive some type of confirmation once I place my order?

Once you place your order a confirmation e-mail is sent within a few minutes. If you do not receive an order confirmation, please contact us by phone at 1.800.821.1333 and a representative will check your order status.

Will I get the quantity discount if my order totals 5 or more cartons?

Many of our items combine for a quantity discount in tiers of 5, 10, 25 or 25 cartons. There are some smaller clear pouches and other items which do not combine. Your shopping cart will reflect your quatity discount and if you reach one of the discount tiers, your total will be reduced accordingly.

Can I order quantities smaller than a carton ( i.e. 25 or 50 pieces)?

Currently, we do not allow online ordering in quantities of less than a carton (100 pieces). If you need to order 25 or 50 pieces of an item, please call our toll free customer service number at 1.800.821.1333 and we will be happy to assist you.

When you provide us with your contact information, we NEVER share your information with any other company or entity. We encourage you to check the box that allows us to send you email blasts that will inform you of our latest sales. We promise we won't bombard you with emails. We try to send less than one per month, unless an update or news about Lamcraft needs to be shared with our customers.

About Our Pouch Laminators

Do your laminators come with a warranty?

Yes, Lamcraft's dependable laminators are backed by our unconditional One-Year Warranty on all parts and labor.

My laminator is not heating up enough, is there a way to adjust the heat?

Each of our quality laminators are factory-calibrated to approximately 320 degrees. In the event the laminator is not heating up enough or is too cool there is a thermostat on the bottom of the laminator located inside the small opening. A 1/16″ turn either clockwise (hotter) or counterclockwise (cooler) will adjust the temperature approximately 20 degrees.

My laminator is not working at all, do you offer some type of repair service?

Lamcraft laminators are also backed by an exceptional repair service. We charge a flat fee of $55.50 plus shipping and handling. Our repair charge includes all parts and labor. In addition we offer a loaner laminator at your request should you need a laminator during the time yours is being repaired.

What is the largest size material your pouch laminators will accommodate?

Our 4″ Pouch Laminator is primarily used for identification cards, business cards, and luggage tags. It will fit most items up to 4″ wide.

The 10″ Pouch Laminator is our most popular, and will accommodate materials from credit card through letter size as well as legal size 9″ x 14-1/2.″

Our 12″ Pouch Laminator will accommodate laminating materials up to 12″ wide and is perfect for our larger placemat and menu size pouches.

About Digital Memories(CD version only)

These questions address issues with an older version of Digital Memories which was available on CD. For our latest version ONLINE, go to www.lamcraftdigitalmemories.com

When I try to start the Digital Memories program I get a runtime error '13' type mismatch, what should I do?

On some computer systems the standard installation for Digital Memories fails to install correctly. If this happens, you may get a runtime error '13' when you attempt to start the program. The following sets of instructions will guide you through resolving this error. You will need to follow them in the order they are listed for your specific operating system.

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • dcom95
  • mdac
  • mdac
  • alternate setup
  • alternate setup
When I try to start the Digital Memories program a series of errors that state "unable to bind to field front picture, back picture, etc..." comes up. How do I fix this?

On some computer systems the standard installation for Digital Memories fails to install correctly. If this happens, you may get a series of error messages that begins with "unable to bind to field..." and ends with a runtime error “Bookmark is invalid” when you attempt to start the program. Using the alternate version of the setup program will resolve this error.

Do I have to use a laser printer with the Digital Memories program?

The paper stock and printing process currently used to create our micro-perfed cards works best with laser printers. Occasionally, inkjet printing smears on the surface of the cards, especially if not allowed to dry. Print quality also tends to vary depending on make and model of inkjet printer. Therefore, we recommend using a laser printer for best results.

Do I have to print all four bookmarks at once? Can I print just one or two at a time?

Sending a single bookmark through your printer will cause a paper jam. However, on most printers you may print two bookmarks at a time without any problems. To do this, the first and second bookmarks need to be “full” to print the front side, leaving bookmarks three and four “empty.” Then, to print the back, the third and fourth bookmarks need to be "full" leaving positions one and two “empty.”

When I try to print all four bookmarks, some of the text gets cut off on the fourth one. How can I fix that?

Most inkjet printers have a smaller printable area than laser printers. Because of this you may occasionally have trouble with text being cut off on the last bookmark (or trailing edge of the paper). To work around this, we have written a page of instructions on printing bookmarks two at a time.

Do I have to use Lamcraft’s Micro-perforated Premium Memorial Cards with this software?

Digital Memories is designed exclusively for use with Lamcraft’s Micro-Perfed Premium Memorial Bookmarks. The software uses Lamcraft’s unique designs as background templates so that you can position the text and obituaries correctly on each style.

Is the Digital Memories software able to be used on other items, such as prayer and holy cards or memorial folders?

Currently, the Digital Memories software is only for use with Lamcraft’s Micro-Perfed Premium Memorial Bookmarks. The software shows each bookmark style, front and back, in a window that allows you to position a verse and obituary on the card in the typestyle and size you prefer.

What type of graphics (photos, logos, pictures) are you able to insert into the Digital Memories program?

To insert graphics into Digital Memories you need to save your graphics as one of the following file types: BMP, GIF or JPEG. Most scanners can save your files in at least one of these formats. BMP is a Windows Bitmap file. GIF and JPEG files are often used for web graphics. Photos and logos may be saved in any of these formats.

How do I crop something out of a photo or graphic in Digital Memories?

Currently, photos and other graphic images can only be resized in the Digital Memories program. Cropping images or other special effects must be done in another program before importing into Digital Memories.

Once I print the micro-perfed cards, are they ready to present?

After you have printed the bookmarks, you will need to separate them and laminate each one in a clear bookmark pouch. We offer clear bookmark pouches with tassel tabs, item #342805 or without, item #343105.

Do I have to purchase a separate copy of Digital Memories for each computer at my business?

No, you can copy our software to as many computers as needed within a single establishment, with a single mailing address. However, if the computers are in different locations (i.e. if you own a network of funeral homes with different mailing addresses) we ask that you purchase an individual copy for each site.